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Who We Are

Resound Educators is an innovative 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Charlotte, NC.
We launched in 2023 with the goal of bringing more high school students into the teacher pipeline.  In the first year, we worked with 7 student interns who represent 3 languages.  Our interns gain hands-on teaching experience by helping us provide Spanish, French, and Vietnamese classes in preschools, after school programs, and libraries.   

Our Story

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Our Mission

The mission of Resound Educators is to inspire and empower bilingual high school students to explore a career in Education.

We hire bilingual high school students as teaching interns so that they can find their passion and pursue impactful careers in teaching.  

Our Vision

At Resound Educators, we believe that every student deserves to know a teacher who speaks their language. 


We aim to increase the representation of diverse languages among classroom teachers so that the linguistic and cultural diversity of the student population is reflected in the faculty of a given school.   

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