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Every student deserves to know a teacher that speaks their language.
Young Teacher
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Our Mission

Creating pathways for bilingual high school and college students to pursue impactful careers in education and to increase the representation of diverse languages and cultures in classrooms across the Carolinas. 

Fellowship Program

Our fellowship for high school students is designed to give students individual and small group opportunities to experience, grow, and thrive in the teaching profession.  If you think you might want to become a teacher, the Resound Future Bilingual Educators Network is here to help you get connected and explore the profession.

Scholarship & College Application Support

Apply for funding and programs that fit your goals with confidence with our curated resources and coaching.

Paid Internships

Practice your teaching skills and gain real world experience alongside an outstanding teacher in classrooms or after school programs.

Professional Networking

Learn from the trailblazing bilingual educators who are making an impact in their community and want to help you do the same.


Language Classes

We hire teams of experienced and future teachers to lead engaging language learning experiences for all ages.   

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