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Frequently Asked Questions

I have DACA status. Can I get a teaching license?

Yes, depending on the state in which you attend college. In NC, students with DACA status are eligible to earn a teaching license, but that is not the case in SC.

I think I want to be an art teacher.  Where should I apply to school?

You’ll want to study both Art (as a major) and Education (as a minor). We can help you find schools that are a match for your areas of interest and provide teacher training or help you find alternative ways to achieve your goals.

If I want to become a preschool or Kindergarten teacher, what degree do I need?

Preschool teachers usually don’t need a teaching license, but you can get a degree in Early Childhood Education. Kindergarten teachers do need a license to teach in public schools. Our mentor teachers can guide you in pursuing a path that works for you.

I speak Spanish but I’ve only ever been to school in English.  Could I still become a bilingual teacher?

You’ll want to study Spanish in an academic setting to prepare for teaching in Spanish. Our connections with programs like Con Cariño can help you gain confidence and academic mastery in Spanish or English.

What would help me see what it is like to be a teacher?

Working for an after school program is a great way to give teaching a try and see if it is something you enjoy. We provide networking and recommendations for after school jobs and paid internships to students who would like to gain experience and hone their skills.

I’m curious about bilingual classrooms.  What is it like?

Students learn their subjects in two languages (ie., Math class is taught in Spanish and Science is taught in English). We arrange job shadowing field trips in bilingual classrooms at local public, charter, and private schools.

Can I start off taking courses at a community college?

Yes! Many NC community colleges now offer courses which would transfer towards an Education major and licensure at a 4 year university.

What are the language needs in Charlotte area schools?

There are at least 200 languages spoken by students in Charlotte area schools, including Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, Jarai, Russian, Korean, Nepali, Urdu, Hmong, and Tsalagi (Cherokee).

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